Risk averse οι επενδυτές στα ευρωπαϊκά χρηματιστήρια

Σε αρνητικό έδαφος ολοκλήρωσαν την πρώτη συνεδρίαση της εβδομάδας η συντριπτική πλειοψηφία των ευρωπαϊκών χρηματιστηρίων, με τους επενδυτές να εμφανίζονται risk averse εκτιμώντας ότι τα υψηλά επιτόκια θα παραμείνουν για μεγάλο χρονικό διάστημα. Το ήδη αρνητικό κλίμα επιβάρυναν και οι δηλώσεις του μέλους της ΕΚΤ κ. Martins Kazaks, σύμφωνα με τις οποίες μία μείωση των επιτοκίων από την κεντρική τράπεζα στο πρώτο εξάμηνο του επόμενου έτους θα ήταν λάθος.

Ο δείκτης Stoxx 600 έκλεισε στις 456,72 μονάδες με πτώση 1,13%.

Στην Φρανκφούρτη ο δείκτης DAX έκλεισε στις 15.727,12 μονάδες με πτώση 1,05%, μετατρέποντας το σήμα από strong buy σε strong sell, με την αντίσταση να βρίσκεται στις 16,144 μονάδες και την στήριξη στις 15.594 μονάδες.

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Στο Λονδίνο ο δείκτης FTSE 100 έκλεισε στις 7.652,94 μονάδες με πτώση 0,76%, παραμένοντας με σήμα strong buy, με την αντίσταση να βρίσκεται στις 7.773 μονάδες και την στήριξη στις 7.528 μονάδες.

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Στο Παρίσι ο δείκτης CAC 40 έκλεισε στις 7.276,14 μονάδες με πτώση 1,39%, μετατρέποντας το σήμα από strong buy σε neutral, με την αντίσταση να βρίσκεται στις 7.438 μονάδες και την στήριξη στις 7.167 μονάδες.

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LSE: In a research note published by Enrico Bolzoni, JP Morgan advises its customers to buy the stock. The target price is slightly modified from 9867 to 9920 GBX.

Ryanair: Harry Gowers from JP Morgan retains his positive opinion on the stock with a Buy rating. The target price is set at 24.80 versus 24.50 EUR.

AB Inbev: Barclays is positive on the stock with a Buy rating. The target price is unchanged and still at EUR 69.

Intesa Sanpaolo: Jefferies’s analyst Marco Nicolai increases his rating from Neutral to Buy. The target price is increased from EUR 2.75 to EUR 3.70.

Unicredit: Jefferies analyst Marco Nicolai maintains his Buy rating on the stock. Previously set at EUR 27.50, the target price has been raised to EUR 33.80.

Εταιρικά νέα

Wacker Chemie: Markus Mayer from Baader Bank retains his positive opinion on the stock with a Buy rating. The target price is unchanged at EUR 170.

Lufthansa: JPMorgan on Monday reduced its price target on Lufthansa (LHA.F) to 13.50 euros from 14.10 euros and maintained its overweight rating.

BioPharma: Jefferies on Monday upgraded its recommendation on BioPharma Credit (BPCR.L) to buy from underperform.

Porsche: Goldman Sachs on Monday lowered the price target of Porsche (P911.F) to 140.00 euros from 152.00 euros and maintained the buy rating.

Fresenius: DZ Bank on Monday upgraded Fresenius (FRE.F) to buy from hold and increased its fair value to 42.00 euros from 27.00 euros.

Renault: Goldman Sachs on Monday increased the price target of Renault (RNO.PA) to 49.00 euros from 45.00 euros, while maintaining its neutral rating.

Eni: RBC on Monday raised the price target on Eni (ENI.MI, ENI.BE) to 16.00 euros from 15.00 euros and maintained its neutral rating.

Εταιρικά νέα

Celtic said pretax profit rose for fiscal 2023 as revenue increased on higher ticket and media rights income stemming from, among another things, its participation in the UEFA Champions League 2022-23 season–when compared to the UEFA Europa League in the previous season. The Glasgow-based soccer club said Monday that for the year ended June 30 pretax profit was 40.7 million pounds ($50.4 million) compared with GBP6.1 million the year before. The club said it also benefited from a GBP14.4 million gain on the sale of player registrations, as well as GBP13.5 million from one-off non-recurring items. These include income from compensation received following the departure of manager Ange Postecoglou as well as a business interruption insurance recovery in relation to Covid-19. Revenue rose to GBP119.9 million from GBP88.2 million. The company said its tour of Australia, and a record year for its retail business, also significantly contributed to the increase. The club said it will balance signing players which can be developed and sold alongside the need to sign players able to make an immediate impact and deliver footballing success. “The execution of this strategy is increasingly challenging owing to wage and transfer inflation, but this formula has underpinned both our footballing success and financial stability over a number of years now and it is vital that we adhere to it,” it said.

In accordance with the authorization given by the ordinary shareholders’ general meeting on May 26, 2023, to trade on its shares and pursuant to applicable law on share repurchase, TotalEnergies SE (LEI: 529900S21EQ1BO4ESM68) (Paris:TTE) (LSE:TTE) (NYSE:TTE) declares the following purchases of its own shares (FR0000120271) from September 11 to September 15, 2023:

Daily weighted average purchase Total daily volume price of Amount of Transaction (number of shares transactions Market (MIC Date shares) (EUR/share) (EUR) Code) 11/09/2023 289,026 60.938986 17,612,951.37 XPAR 11/09/2023 150,000 60.945402 9,141,810.30 CEUX 11/09/2023 49,500 60.947353 3,016,893.97 TQEX 11/09/2023 30,000 60.942953 1,828,288.59 AQEU 12/09/2023 355,070 60.949932 21,641,492.36 XPAR 12/09/2023 121,000 60.857357 7,363,740.20 CEUX 12/09/2023 21,000 60.844093 1,277,725.95 TQEX 12/09/2023 20,000 60.851397 1,217,027.94 AQEU 13/09/2023 313,663 61.329422 19,236,770.49 XPAR 13/09/2023 150,000 61.311852 9,196,777.80 CEUX 13/09/2023 30,000 61.325519 1,839,765.57 TQEX 13/09/2023 20,000 61.331602 1,226,632.04 AQEU 14/09/2023 328,842 61.903764 20,356,557.56 XPAR 14/09/2023 125,000 61.908139 7,738,517.38 CEUX 14/09/2023 30,000 61.897955 1,856,938.65 TQEX 14/09/2023 25,000 61.917194 1,547,929.85 AQEU 15/09/2023 352,814 62.650823 22,104,087.47 XPAR 15/09/2023 100,000 62.642452 6,264,245.20 CEUX 15/09/2023 25,000 62.637436 1,565,935.90 TQEX 15/09/2023 25,000 62.628992 1,565,724.80 AQEU Total 2,560,915 61.540431 157,599,813.38

Transaction details

In accordance with Article 5(1)(b) of Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 (the Market Abuse Regulation) a full breakdown of the individual trades are disclosed on the TotalEnergies website: https://totalenergies.com/investors/shares-and-dividends/totalshares/info/company-share-transactions

Orsted is partnering with Irish clean energy company Terra Solar to develop a 400-megawatt portfolio of solar energy projects in the country that will power 90,000 homes, the Danish renewables giant said Monday. No financial details were disclosed. The projects are targeted for completion ahead of 2030 by which the Irish government aims to build 8 gigawatts of solar energy as part of its Climate Action Plan, Orsted said. The company already operates 378 MW of onshore wind projects across Ireland and has two solar farms in development. It also plans to build an Irish offshore wind portfolio. Monday’s announcement came a week after Orsted said it will build its first solar plant in the United Kingdom – a 740 MW solar farm and associated battery storage that will power 200,000 homes. Orsted has over 5.7 GW of onshore renewables in operation, under construction or consented across Europe and the U.S., it said. Late last month, the company warned of a risk of $2.3 billion in impairments to its U.S. offshore wind portfolio due to supply chain problems, soaring interest rates and a lack of tax credits. This content was created by Oil Price Information Service, which is operated by Dow Jones & Co. OPIS is run independently from Dow Jones Newswires and The Wall Street Journal.

Τα παραπάνω εκφράζουν προσωπικές απόψεις, και σε καμία περίπτωση δεν αποτελούν προτροπή για αγορά, πώληση ή διακράτηση οποιασδήποτε κινητής αξίας.