What does Strategic Partnership between Moody’s and MSCI mean for ESG ratings

Moody’s Corporation (NYSE:MCO) and MSCI Inc. (NYSE:MSCI)  announced two days ago a groundbreaking strategic partnership agreement, leveraging each other’s strengths to bring greater transparency on ESG and sustainability to markets and power better decisions.


Moody’s will leverage MSCI’s sustainability data and models, which are used by the world’s largest asset managers and asset owners. The agreement, entered into last week, includes MSCI’s industry-leading ESG ratings and content, which measure a company’s management of financially relevant ESG risks and opportunities. With access to MSCI data, Moody’s intends over time to migrate its existing ESG data and scores to offering MSCI’s sustainability content through a range of solutions serving Moody’s customers in the banking, insurance and corporate sectors.

MSCI will gain access to Moody’s Orbis database, the world’s leading source of firmographic information with data on more than 500 million entities, to extend its private company ESG coverage. In addition, MSCI and Moody’s will explore solutions that leverage Moody’s private company data and credit scoring models to provide greater insight into the private credit market.

“Moody’s is excited to partner with MSCI, a leader in solutions for the global investment community and a pioneer in ESG and sustainability,” said Rob Fauber, President and CEO of Moody’s. “This is a real win-win, as Moody’s customers gain access to MSCI’s renowned ESG content and MSCI customers will gain access to Moody’s world-class risk assessment expertise, data and insights.”

“We are exceptionally pleased to partner with Moody’s to offer MSCI’s ESG and sustainability data to Moody’s broad base of global customers,” said Henry A. Fernandez, Chairman and CEO of MSCI. “Sustainability remains one of the most important trends reshaping the global investment landscape, and the shift to private assets is another. This agreement will help MSCI expand our private company ESG coverage and deliver enhanced solutions across client segments and asset classes.”

After the deal

The partnership does not impact Moody’s Ratings, the credit rating agency, which will continue to provide transparency into the material impacts of ESG factors on its credit ratings through its proprietary Credit Impact Scores and Issuer Profile Scores. Moody’s Ratings will also continue to offer its sustainable finance offerings, including Second Party Opinions and Net Zero Assessments. In addition, Moody’s remains committed to providing its market-leading climate solutions to customers. However, Moody’ s will discontinue its own ESG scoring products and unit. Moody’s respective unit, lost ground during previous years, having less than half of MSCI sales.

More at https://ir.moodys.com/press-releases/news-details/2024/Moodys-and-MSCI-Announce-a-Strategic-Partnership-to-Enhance-Transparency-and-Deliver-Data-Driven-Risk-Solutions/default.aspx